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Award Winning, East Coast Style, Thin Crust Pizza!

Authentic New York Style Pizza

Mombo’s Pizza offers authentic East Coast style pizza by the slice or in whole pizza pies as large as 18 inches. Our award-winning thin-crust pizzas are cooked to perfection. Winner of Bohemian’s Best of the North Bay 18 years in a row.

Fred Poulos-Pizza Master

Why MOMBO’S And What Does It Mean?

Over the years the question echoes off the stainless steel ovens and hoods. “Why Mombo’s? What does it mean?” Back when MOMBO’S was first conceived, founder Fred Poulos and his wife Marianna Poulos pondered long and hard over an appropriate name for their new venture. At the time their daughter Giovanna was about 2 years old and just learning how to speak. Marianna, a first generation Italian, had taught Giovanna to call Fred “Babbo”, Italian for “Daddy”. One day little Gio came running up to her parents in great excitement to share some discovery she had made. In her excitement she was calling out, “Mommy, Babbo, Mommy Mombo Mombo!” and it hit them…Perfect! “MOMBO! What a great name for a pizza place and certainly it reflects all three of us!” And so “MOMBO’s” was born.

Delicious thin crust pizza from Mombo's Pizza


Mombo’s Pizza has delicious food for delivery, take home, or ready to enjoy in our fun and friendly locations.

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"Very New York" - Jeff Cox, Press Democrat

Indoor Dining, Delivery and Take Out Available